General Lab Information

Project Closeout

At the conclusion of your project, the following actions are required to formally close the project and the contract/agreement with the sponsor.

Financial and Purchases/Subcontracts

Once the project is complete, inform your Business Office that the contracted work scope has been completed and that the project can be closed. Your Business Office will:

  • verify that there are no outstanding commitments or purchase requisitions
  • verify that there are no open accruals, work orders, or shipping memos
  • confirm that the final invoicing has been processed
  • verify with Procurement & Property Management (PPM) that all purchase orders/contracts associated with the project have been closed out with the vendor
  • check capital equipment purchases made on the project

The Business Office will issue a close-out memo to the Budget Office, which includes the property certification signed by the PPM Property Manager (see below) regardless of whether equipment was procured.

Publications and Results

Generation and dissemination of results is an important part of any project. However, if there are copyrights, intellectual property, or software generated during the course of the project, please contact Chief Intellectual Property Counsel Dorene Price at Ext. 4153 and/or Commercialization representative Poornima Upadhya at Ext. 4711 before publication or other public disclosure.

Consider holding a lessons learned meeting with the project team to review the major achievements of the project, any issues that were encountered, and plans to move forward.

Property Disposition

The disposition of any equipment purchased for a project will be documented in the agreement/contract with the sponsor. Your department’s Property Representative will complete the BNL SPP Property Certification Form (see below) verifying that:

  • there was no equipment purchased
  • equipment purchased has been sent to the sponsor
  • equipment purchased has been transferred to another project
  • ownership of purchased equipment has been transferred to BNL

A Property Certification Form MUST be completed even if no equipment was purchased for the project.

The Budget Office cannot completely closeout the project without proof that either no property was purchased using this project's funding or that any property purchased with this project's funding has been disposed of or transferred properly.

Cleaning Up

The workspace must be left in a condition acceptable by the department. Be sure to dispose of any wastes, disposition any chemicals, disposition equipment, clean the space, etc.

Funding Opportunities

Proposal Preparation

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Technology Commercialization

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