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Consider Laboratory Growth Initiatives

Brookhaven Lab is diversifying its funding base by expanding sponsored research and development work with private sector companies, federal agencies, non-profit organizations and state/non-federal agencies (details in the Lab Agenda). To do this sustainably, it’s important that we target opportunities strategically. The following initiatives are aligned with DOE Strategic Goals and build upon the Laboratory’s core strengths and capabilities.

  • Making Sense of Data at Exascale and Beyond
  • Accelerator Science and Technology
  • Quantitative Plant Science
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Materials and Chemical Complexity
  • High Energy Physics

Building new relationships with sponsors outside of the Office of Science and applying our existing capabilities and facilities to challenges faced by other federal agencies, industry, and foreign partners will help expand and diversify of our research portfolio. Brookhaven is emphasizing four mission and product areas in which to “incubate” new programs:

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National Security, Defense, and Intelligence

spaceflight icon

Spaceflight and Exploration

DNA icon

Life Sciences Technologies

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Energy and Industrial Applications

Suggested Funding Sources


Determining eligibility is a very important initial step to avoid wasted time, effort, and frustration. Brookhaven Lab has a special status as a DOE Federally Funded Research and Development Center and a Non-Profit with 501(c)(3) status. This restricts the types of funding calls we can participate in. Conditions that could impact eligibility include the type of facility able to apply, competition with private industry, cost sharing requirements, etc. Be sure to check Brookhaven Lab's eligibility to participate in a call for proposals. If you need advice, please contact the Proposal Center.

Evaluate the Opportunity, Engage Your Supervisor/Manager

It's very important that you vet funding opportunities through the proper channels before beginning a risk assessment and creating a proposal. Discuss funding opportunities with your direct supervisor. They may put you in contact with a Relationship Manager (someone actively managing the Lab’s relationship with a particular sponsor) or a directorate representative who's a member of the Lab’s Growth Council. They will help you to develop a winning strategy, find resources, understand sponsor needs, and determine a path forward.

Once you've been given the direction to go forward, you're ready to create a proposal.

Funding Opportunities

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