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Whether your proposal is large or small, the Proposal Center offers you a team of experts that are ready to guide your winning submission. With support from our proposal management professionals and graphic arts staff, we'll make sure that your proposal stands out from the competition.

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Full Proposal Management

As we expand and grow our research efforts, it's more important than ever to manage limited proposal development times to maximize results. The Proposal Center has the expertise to make this happen.


Outlines & Writing Templates

When you're ready to start writing, the Proposal Center has templates that make the process easier. These templates contain the information needed to make your proposal compelling.


Proposal Reviews

Throughout proposal development, reviews ensure that final submissions are compliant, compelling, and approved. The Proposal Center helps you prepare.

Services We Provide

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Project Planning

Project plans map out the roles and responsibilities of each organization in the project and indicate how activities are coordinated among team members.

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A picture is worth a thousand words and the Proposal Center will ensure that you're speaking the sponsor's language through professional graphics.

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Writing Support

We can help craft effective Project Summaries, Abstracts, and Narratives that demonstrate knowledge of the state of the science.

bios, CV

Bio Sketches, CVs

These documents provide information that's used by reviewers to evaluate the PI’s potential for leadership within the scientific community.

budget justification

Budget Justification

A formal budget that lists all costs is required for proposal submissions. A written justification of each budget item is also required.

support letters

Support Letters

Support letters help convince the sponsor that we're committed to the effort and have the support of the necessary personnel and facilities.

equipment descriptions

Equipment Descriptions

Used to describe the capabilities of the resources available to perform the proposed effort. Available equipment and facilities are described in detail.

data management

Data Mgmt. Plans

These plans describe whether and how data generated in the course of the proposed research will be shared and preserved, and how published works will be made accessible to the public.