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A Little Help from Our Friends

The Photon Sciences (PS) directorate frequently seeks advice from a number of external committees made up of users, reviewers, and experts in a wide range of scientific fields.
The Users’ Executive Committee provides a forum for ongoing, organized discussions between representatives of the NSLS user community and the management and administration of PS, Brookhaven National Laboratory, funding agencies, Congress, and other synchrotron user groups. Its goal is to communicate current and future needs, concerns, and trends, and to disseminate information about plans for NSLS, NSLS-II, and Brookhaven Lab. In addition to regular members, the UEC appoints Special Interest Group (SpIG) representatives, which are divided into areas of common concern.

Users executive committee

Users' Executive Committee

In March, two of the directorate’s committees, the NSLS Science Advisory Committee and the NSLS-II Experimental Facilities Advisory Committee, were replaced with the Photon Sciences Science Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC advises the Associate Laboratory Director for Photon Sciences on all scientific and policy issues related to the full and effective use of NSLS and NSLS-II and on future developments required to achieve the highest possible scientific productivity of both facilities.

science advisory committee

Science Advisory Committee

As part of the peer-review process of general user proposals, the Proposal Review Panels (PRPs) review and rate the proposals within their scientific area. Members are drawn from the scientific community and usually serve a two-year term. Each PRP has an appointed chair, who is part of the Proposal Oversight Panel, or POP, with a few other select members. The POP reviews proposals that might need special attention due to use of multiple techniques or conflicts in scores.

In addition to the SAC, staff members working on the NSLS-II Project consult with three groups: the NSLS-II Project Advisory Committee (PAC), the Accelerator Systems Advisory Committee (ASAC), and the Conventional Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC).

The PAC reviews the progress of the NSLS-II Project on matters related to project planning, execution, management, and safety. It identifies issues whose resolution is critical to the success of the project in meeting project performance, cost, and schedule goals, and provides continuity of oversight until the completion of the project.

The ASAC is composed of external experts trained in accelerator physics and engineering who are familiar with the design, construction, and operations of major accelerator systems. This group provides guidance on technical choices, trade-offs, and decisions; value engineering; measures to improve availability and reliability of operations; diagnostics and controls; and other related issues.

The CFAC is comprised of external experts trained in conventional construction, most of whom have had extensive experience in designing and constructing conventional facilities and the supporting infrastructure associated with major scientific user facilities. This group provides advice on the development of the improvements to land, conventional construction, and utilities systems required to deliver the maximum benefit to users.

Committee and Panel Membership

Users’ Executive Committee

Chair: Tony Lanzirotti, University of Chicago
Vice Chair: Simon Billinge, Columbia University
Past Chair: Bruce Ravel, National Institute of Standards and Technology
General Member: Jay Bass, University of Illinois
General Member: Jen Bohon, Case Western Reserve University
General Member: Dan Fischer, National Institute of Standards and Technology
General Member: David Mullins, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ex-Officio: Lisa Miller, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Ex-Officio: Kathy Nasta, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Ex-Officio: Qun Shen, Brookhaven National Laboratory

UEC Special Interest Group Representatives

Biological Crystallography & Diffraction: Annie Heroux, Brookhaven National Laboratory
High Pressure: Michael Vaughan, Stony Brook University
Imaging: Paul Northrup
Industrial Users: Jean Jordan-Sweet, IBM Research Division
Infrared Users: Randy Smith, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Magnetism: Cecilia Sanchez Hanke, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Students & Post Docs: Alvin Acerbo, Stony Brook University
Topography: Michael Dudley, Stony Brook University
UV Photoemission & Surface Science: Sanjaya Senanayake, Brookhaven National Laboratory
EXAFS: Anatoly Frenkel, Yeshiva University

Science Advisory Committee

Keith Hodgson (Chair) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Simon Bare, UOP, LLC
Murray Gibson, Northeastern University
Ernie Hall, General Electric Global Research
Jerry Hastings, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Russell Hemley, Carnegie Institution of Washington
John Hemminger, University of California, Irvine
Leemor Joshua-Tor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Steve Kevan, University of Oregon
Sine Larsen, University of Copenhagen
Gerd Materlik, Diamond Light Source
Simon Mochrie, Yale University
Harald Reichert, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Janet Smith, University of Michigan
Friso van der Veen, Swiss Light Source
Pierre Wiltzius, University of California, Santa Barbara

Proposal Review Panels

IR/UV/Soft X-ray Spectroscopy: Chemical Sciences/Soft Matter/Biophysics
Benjamin DeKoven, X-Lubes, Inc.
Daniel Fischer (Chair), National Institute of Standards and Technology
Mary Gilles, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Joseph Lenhart, Army Research Laboratory
Robert Lodder, University of Kentucky
Gary Mitchell, Dow Chemical Company

IR/UV/Soft X-ray Spectroscopy

Magnetism/Strongly Correlated Electrons/Surface
Robert Bartynski (Chair), Rutgers University
Alexander Moewes, University of Saskatchewan
David Mullins, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Robert Opila Jr, University of Delaware
Boris Sinkovic, University of Connecticut
Jiufeng Tu, City University of New York
Tonica Valla, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Imaging and Microprobes: Biological and Medical

Fulvia Arfelli, University of Trieste/INFN
Leroy Chapman, University of Saskatchewan
Paul Dumas, Soleil Synchrotron
Meghan Faillace, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Barry Lai (Chair), Argonne National Laboratory
Andreana Leskovjan, Stony Brook University
Irit Sagi, Weizmann Institute of Science
Franz Stefan Vogt, Argonne National Laboratory
Samuel Webb, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Gayle Woloschak, Northwestern University

Imaging and Microprobes: Chemical and Material Sciences

Harald Ade (Chair), North Carolina State University
David Black, Topographix
Darren Dale, Cornell University
Paul Evans, University of Wisconsin
Mark Rivers, University of Chicago
Paul Zschack, Argonne National Laboratory

Imaging and Microprobes: Environmental and Geosciences

Don Baker, McGill University
David Black, Topographix
Darren Dale, Cornell University
George Flynn, State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Matthew Ginder-Vogel, Calera
Keith Jones (Chair), Brookhaven National Laboratory
Mark Rivers, University of Chicago
Donald Ross, University of Vermont

InSynC – Education

Scott Calvin, Sarah Lawrence College
Jonathan De Booy, Australian Synchrotron
Tracy Walker, Canadian Light Source

Industrial IR/UV/Soft X-ray Spectroscopy

Benjamin DeKoven, X-Lubes, Inc.
Daniel Fischer, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gary Mitchell, Dow Chemical Company

Industrial Imaging & Microprobes

Michael Feser, Xradia Inc.
Jeffrey Gillow, Arcadis G&M Inc.
Matthew Ginder-Vogel, Calera
Karina Lange, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Christopher Ryan, Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization

Industrial Powder/Single Crystal Crystallography

Thomas Blanton, Eastman Kodak Company
James Kaduk, Poly Crystallography Inc.
Peter Stephens, Stony Brook University

Industrial X-ray Scattering

Benjamin Hsiao, Stony Brook University
Christian Lavoie, IBM Research Division
Paul Stevens, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co.

Industrial X-ray Spectroscopy

In Tae Bae, Dura Cell Technical Center
Simon Bare, UOP, LLC
Douglas Hunter, Westinghouse Savannah River Co.
Bruce Ravel, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Macromolecular Crystallography

Steven Almo, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Alex Bohm (Chair), Tufts University
Olga Boudker, Cornell University
Barnali Chaudhuri, Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute
Ashley Deacon, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Annie Heroux, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Xiangpeng Kong, New York University
Steven Roderick, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Brenda Schulman, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Methods and Instrumentation

Kenneth Finkelstein, Cornell University
Ali Khounsary, Argonne National Laboratory
Ralf Hendrik Menk, Sincrotrone Trieste
Thomas Rabedeau, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Ruben Reininger, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Anthony Warwick, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Powder / Single Crystal Crystallography

Emil Bozin, Columbia University
Andrew Campbell, University of Chicago
Karena Chapman, Argonne National Laboratory
Yu-Sheng Chen, University of Chicago
Przemyslaw Dera, University of Chicago
James Kaduk (Chair), Poly Crystallography Inc.
Volker Kahlenberg, University of Innsbruck
Peter Khalifah, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Stefan Kycia, University of Guelph
Peter Lee, Argonne National Laboratory
Wendy Panero, Ohio State University
Peter Stephens, Stony Brook University

Structural Biology in Solution

Joanna Krueger (Chair), University of North Carolina
Bryan Nixon, Pennsylvania State University
Peter Prevelige, University of Alabama
Steven Roderick, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Bianca Sclavi, Centre National de La Recherche Scientifique
Brian Shilton, University of Western Ontario
Hirotsugu Tsuruta, Stanford University

X-ray Scattering: Magnetism / Strongly Correlated Electrons / Surface

Peter Abbamonte, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kenneth Finkelstein, Cornell University
Karl Ludwig (Chair), Boston University
Peter Hatton, University of Durham
Christopher Marrows, University of Leeds
George Srajer, Argonne National Laboratory
Trevor Tyson, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Gerrit Van Der Laan, Diamond Light Source

X-ray Scattering: Soft Matter and Biophysics

Masafumi Fukuto, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Randall Headrick, University of Vermont
Benjamin Hsiao (Chair), Stony Brook University
Huey Huang, Rice University
Detleff-Matthias Smilgies, Cornell University

X-ray Spectroscopy: Biological, Environmental and Geosciences

Martine Duff, Westinghouse Savannah River Co.
Graham George, University of Saskatchewan
Douglas Hunter, Westinghouse Savannah River Co.
Keith Jones, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Satish Myneni (Chair), Princeton University
Bruce Ravel, National Institute of Standards and Technology

X-ray Spectroscopy: Chemical and Material Sciences

Simon Bare, UOP, LLC
Scott Calvin, Sarah Lawrence College
Anatoly Frenkel, Yeshiva University
Steve Heald, Argonne National Laboratory
Jean-Pascal Rueff, Synchrotron SOLEIL
Tsun-Kong Sham, University of Western Ontario
Trevor Tyson (Chair), New Jersey Institute of Technology
Stephen Wasserman, Eli Lilly and Company

Proposal Oversight Panel Members

Keith Jones, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Jonathan Hanson, Brookhaven National Laboratory 
Subramanyam Swaminathan, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Harald Ade, North Carolina State University 
Robert Bartynski, Rutgers University
Alex Bohm, Tufts University
Daniel Fischer, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Benjamin Hsiao, Stony Brook University
James Kaduk, Poly Crystallography Inc. 
Karl Ludwig, Boston University
Barry Lai, Argonne National Laboratory
Antonio Lanzirotti, University of Chicago
Joanna Krueger, University of North Carolina
Peter Stephens, Stony Brook University
Trevor Tyson, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Satish Myneni, Princeton University 

NSLS-II Project Advisory Committee

Ken Stanfield (Chair), Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (retired)
Gene Desaulniers (retired)
Michael Harrison, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Suzanne Herron, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Michael Rowe, National Institute of Standards & Technology (retired)
Les Price, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (retired)
Albin Wrulich, Paul Scherrer Institute

Accelerator Systems Advisory Committee

John Galayda, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Caterina Biscari, LNF, INFN
Richard Boyce, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Glenn Decker, Argonne National Laboratory
Kenneth Finkelstein, Cornell University
Don Hartill, Cornell University
Robert Hettel, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Peter Kuske, BESSY
Dennis Mills, Argonne National Laboratory

Conventional Facilities Advisory Committee

Jack Stellern, Chair, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Joe Harkins, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Marvin Kirshenbaum, Argonne National Laboratory
Douglass  Rowland,  Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Elaine McCluskey, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
John Sidarous, Argonne National Laboratory
Jim Yeck, University of Wisconsin