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Training for New Users and Users with Expired Training and/or Badges:

All new users and users with expired badges must complete or update the training modules shown below prior to access to the experimental floor. The training can be completed online prior to arrival at the NSLS and is strongly recommended to save considerable time during check-in at the Guest, User, Visitor (GUV) Center in Building 400.

Please note each training module is followed by an exam which asks for your name and guest number. If you do not already have a guest number, leave this entry blank.

All new users and users with expired badges MUST arrive on a weekday (no weekends or holidays) and check in at the GUV Center so that your training can be verified and to receive a photo ID badge (new or updated). The GUV Center is open M-F between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Training Modules


  1. Radiological training is required for access to the NSLS experimental floor and to the Source Development Lab (SDL). This GERT training is transferable to all other BNL Departments and may also be transferable to other Department of Energy (DOE) facilities. For users who have completed GERT at another DOE facility, reciprocity may be granted and should be arranged in advance (find out more).

    Click here to complete BNL General Employee Radiological Training (GERT)

  2. The NSLS Safety Module is required for all facility users. It includes the NSLS facility-specific safety orientation as well as the information necessary for anyone working at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

    Click here to complete NSLS Safety Module

  3. Cyber security training is required for all facility users, and a Computer Use Agreement must be submitted before or upon arrival at the GUV Center. To complete the computer use agreement before your arrival, print, sign and pdf the agreement, and either email to, or fax to the GUV Center at 631-344-8686.

    Click here to complete Cyber Security Training

    Click here to print the Computer Use Agreement

  4. Beamline Operation and Safety Awareness (BLOSA) is a hands-on training that is completed after you arrive at the NSLS at the beamline. This is included as a step and explained later in the process.