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#1 | The Dark Universe

October 31, 2018Bluestone Tavern, West Sayville, NY48 minutes

Scientists from Brookhaven National Lab, Stony Brook University, and Oak Ridge National Lab discuss the worldwide search for the universe’s “missing matter.” Only four percent of the universe is made of the things we know—everything from people to the planets. The other 96 percent is made of two mysterious forces rippling through the cosmos, what scientists call dark matter and dark energy. What exactly are dark matter and dark energy? And how do scientists look for something they can’t even see? Find out as we dive into the dark universe in this first episode of PubSci Playback—a podcast based on PubSci, Brookhaven’s live science café series that brings scientists and the public into casual conversations over drinks at various locations across Long Island.

Dark universe speakers

The speakers in this podcast episode are (left to right) Paul O'Connor, Neelima Sehgal, and Paul Stankus.

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