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Meeting Coordinator:
Pamela Esposito
(Bus) 631-344-3097
(Fax) 631-344-4067
Email: pesposit@bnl.gov


Speaker Talks

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Basics of QCD perturbation theory (426 kb)
Davison E. Soper, University of Oregon

Polarized pp Collider Physics (1 Mb)
Marco Stratmann, University of Regensburg

Basic of Polarized Beam Acceleration (4 Mb)
Waldo MacKay, BNL

Polarized DIS Experiment - Lecture 1 (2 Mb)
Polarized DIS Experiment - Lecture 2 (2 Mb)
Gerhard Mallot, CERN

A Lattice Field Theory Primer - Lecture 1 (232 Kb)
Nucleon (Spin) Structure - Lecture 2 (232 Kb)
Tom Blum, University of Connecticut and RIKEN BNL Research Center

Spin Sum Rule - Lecture I (380 Kb)
Scale Evolution and Form Factors - Lecture 2 (346 Kb)
Xiangdong Ji, University of Maryland

Single Spin Asymmetries - Lecture 1 (538 Kb)
Single Spin Asymmetries - Lecture 2 (505 Kb)
Jianwei Qiu, Iowa State University

Techniques for Polarimetry in (ep, Áp,and) pp Physics (2.4 Mb)
H. Spinka, ANL

RHIC Experiments 3, Forward Physics (2.5 Mb)
L.C. Bland, BNL

DVCS + Exclusive Processes (1 Mb)
M. Diehl, DESY

PHENIX Overview (4.4 Mb)
Doug Fields, UNM/RBRC

The Importance of Positivity in Spin Physics (1 Mb)
J. Soffer, CPT Marseille

Understanding the Spin Structure of the Nucleon (1 Mb)
C. Weiss, Regensburg U.

Spin Physics at STAR - (866 Kb)
Scott Wissink, IUCF of Indiana

Theory Underlying Coulomb-Nuclear Interference,
CNI Polarimeter
(330 Kb)
Additional Note for Lecture (215 Kb)
Elliot Leader, Imperial College of London

Future of Spin | Web Version (8.2 Mb)
Abhay Deshpande, Stony Brook University and RIKEN BNL Research Center