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Emergent Phenomena in the Dynamics of Quantum Matter:

Disorder, quenches, simulations, and experiment


Although program specifics will self-organize around participants, the organizers are keen on developing three foci:

  1. Assessing possible connections between state-of-the-art in ultrafast spectroscopies of matter and recent progress in theory of quantum non-equilibria, e.g. quenches;
  2. The development of computational methods for excited states, especially aimed at studying emergent integrability, e.g. in many-body localized phases, and novel statistical mechanics (including phase transitions) enabled by it;
  3. Mining expertise in the high energy/string theory including equilibration of quark-gluon plasmas, typicality in QCD, entanglement and holographic thermalization as a route to emergence of space-time.

This workshop continues on the successful tradition of previous meetings (Workshop on the Frontiers of Quantum Condensed Matter Physics). With lunch and coffee breaks served in the seminar room itself, and with wrap-around black/whiteboards, we expect a continuous stream of unhindered and invigorating scientific exchanges -- see some candid shots from the previous year's event. All presentations will be recorded, streamed live and archived.

Invited Participants

  • A. Cavalleri (Hamburg)
  • N. Gedik (MIT)
  • J. Hill (BNL)
  • P. Johnson (BNL)
  • A. Lanzara (Berkeley)
  • M. Weitz (Bonn)
  • M. J. Bhaseen (Kings College)
  • P. Calabrese (Pisa)
  • A. Daley (Pittsburgh)
  • T. Devereaux (SLAC)
  • S. Dobrovitski (Ames Lab)
  • F. Essler (Oxford)
  • J. Freericks (Georgetown)
  • S. Kehrein (Munich)
  • J. Han (Buffalo)
  • D. Huse (Princeton)
  • J. Moore (Berkeley)
  • G. Mussardo (SISSA)
  • G. Refael (Caltech)
  • M. Rigol (Penn State)
  • A. Tsvelik (Brookhaven)
  • D. Abanin (Perimeter)
  • M. Mueller (ICTP)
  • E. Gull (Michigan)
  • V. Balasubramanian (GC/CUNY)
  • N. Maitra (Hunter/CUNY)
  • A. Mitra (NYU)
  • R. Venugopalan (BNL)
  • M. Kormos (Budapest)
  • A. James (UC London)
  • S. Mandt (Princeton)
  • M. Mulansky (Dresden)
  • V. Khemani (Princeton)
  • K. Park (Princeton)
  • R. Vosk (Weitzman)
  • P. Kirton (St. Andrews)
  • C. Laumann (Perimeter)
  • B. Bauer (Station Q)
  • Z. Papic (Princeton)
  • M. Serbyn (MIT)
  • M. Schiro’ (Columbia)
  • P. Kirton (St. Andrews)
  • P. Grisins (Vienna)
  • J. Cwik (St. Andrews)
  • A. Chandran (Perimeter)
  • R. van den Berg (Amsterdam)
  • N. Robinson (Oxford)
  • S. Schlichting (BNL)
  • J. S. Caux (Amsterdam)
  • H. Tureci

Workshop Organizers

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Last Modified: December 27, 2017