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Maintaining and protecting the radiological safety and health of BNL employees, the public and the environment is our mission. Our professionals and technicians are certified and provide expertise in field deployed Facility Support personnel, an accredited Personnel Monitoring service, a fully functional Instrumentation & Calibration facility, expertise in Radiological Engineering and the handling of Isotopes and Special Materials.


Radiological Controls Division (RCD) provides technical assistance, regulatory interpretation, coverage for radiological operations, radiological engineering, internal/external dosimetry services, instrumentation services, and on- and off-site radiological emergency response.

Steve Coleman

Steve Coleman, Division Manager
(631) 344-8705

Contact Info

  • Facility SupportDennis Ryan, (631) 344-5528
    Provides field support for the implementation of ES&H program by departments and divisions. Includes professionals and technicians deployed into the department’s facilities who provide job coverage, experimental and design reviews, job planning, and RWP preparation. Can serve as the first point of contact for ES&H issues.
  • Health Physics Technical SupportHenry Kahnhauser, (631) 344-7509
    Provides a range of services that include but not limited to: Safety reviews, regulatory compliance, programmatic improvement, area radiation monitoring, and lessons learned implementation.
  • Instrumentation and CalibrationGregory Condemi, (631) 344-4098
    Maintains site radiation protection instruments; provides radiological measurement engineering support; Designs and fabricates special monitoring applications; Facility Instrumentation Systems Design Reviews; Mechanical/electronic repair services available for nonradiological BNL equipment.
  • Isotopes and Special MaterialsGerry Shepherd, (631) 344-5233
    Provide Laboratory-wide oversight, guidance, service, and technical support for 1) The Safeguards and Security program for Nuclear Material Control and Accountability including procurement, use, storage, transfer, and authorization for disposal of nuclear materials integrated with the Laboratory Protection Division’s Physical Protection Program; 2) The Sealed Radioactive Source Control and Radiation Generating Devices Programs; 3) The Institutional Facilities Authorization Basis Program including Facility Hazard Categorization; and Nuclear/Criticality Safety Support.
  • Personnel MonitoringBenny Hooda, (631) 344-8107
    Provides internal (whole-body counting and urine assay for non-gamma-emitting radionuclides) and external (Type A and B badges, rings, environmental monitoring, and area monitoring badges) dosimetry services. Fully accredited by the DOE.
  • Radiological EngineeringHenry Kahnhauser, (631) 344-7509