General Lab Information

Guests, Users, and Visitors

Guests and Users

On-site scientific guests and users are vitally important contributors to the research mission of Brookhaven Lab. They are typically indistinguishable from BSA employees and work alongside BSA employees on a routine basis. Accordingly, the same general requirements that apply to BSA employees (i.e. vaccination requirements, Lab supported travel, etc.) apply to guests and users. The manner in which these requirements will be implemented will be addressed in specific guidance issued to guests and users at the time they apply for onsite access to the Lab. BSA reserves the right to impose facility-specific access controls for any individuals who are not vaccinated. These access controls may need to be imposed based on the nature of work involving individuals that must be performed in close proximity where physical distancing is not feasible, and vaccination becomes essential.


Transient visitors coming to the Laboratory for short duration visits (e.g., food delivery, package delivery, taxi service, etc.) will not be subject to vaccination or surveillance requirements.

Visit the Guest, User, Visitor Center website for more information.