General Lab Information

Vaccination Guidelines

To meet our Laboratory’s critical mission requirements amid rising COVID-19 case rates in Suffolk County and beyond, we must protect the entire workforce from the spread of this potentially severe disease. The best tool we have is vaccines.

Effective Nov. 17, 2021, BSA employees are required to be fully vaccinated. To be considered fully vaccinated, you must have received your final vaccine dose (i.e. your second shot for the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, first and only shot for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and had your status validated by the Lab's Occupational Medicine Clinic. This requirement applies to all employees working on site, those teleworking (full time and hybrid), remote workers (except those on foreign assignment), and all new hires. Employees with an approved medical or religious exemption from the requirement are required to take part in a weekly COVID-19 testing program administered by OM when the Community Level in Suffolk County is “Medium” or “High.”

Scientific users and guests must also be vaccinated or be undergoing weekly COVID-19 testing.

Where to Get a Vaccine

The Resumption of Operations and Coronavirus Resources website provides information on where to get a vaccine. Employees may take up to four hours of administrative leave (per dose) to receive the COVID-19 vaccine (including initial shots and boosters), and up to two workdays of administrative leave if they experience any side effects. Employees may also receive up to four hours of administrative leave (per dose) to accompany a family member receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.