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Hot Quarks 2012

Stephen Horvat

By Stephen Horvat

The 2012 Hot Quarks workshop for young scientists on the physics of ultrarelativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions took place October 14-20 in Copamarina, Puerto Rico. It was well attended by students and young Ph.D.'s from both the theory community as well as experimentalists from RHIC, the LHC, and Jefferson Lab's CEBAF. The Hot Quarks workshops target researchers who are early in their careers and gives them an opportunity for informal interactions with their peers from around the world. This facilitates the exchange of ideas and promotes the development of the next generation of high energy physicists. For many who attended (present author included), this workshop was their first time presenting their research orally outside of their own collaborations. Participants were encouraged to ask questions, and discussions spanned from the basic, including overview talks, to the technical. Presentations were given on the physics motivations for an electron-ion collider and an invited talk on the discovery of a Higgs-like boson. The Klaus Kinder-Geiger Award for best presentation was awarded to Dragos Velicanu for his talk on the first measurement of a nearside ridge in proton+lead collisions by CMS.

For an even broader education, the workshop also organized a daytrip to Arecibo Observatory, the largest radio telescope in the world, where the director, Robert Kerr, gave a broadly informative and entertaining presentation on both the science and funding of Arecibo. For those of us who attended the workshop, the lessons learned and friendships formed with colleagues, both theoretical and experimental, will carry us into the future of ultrarelativistic heavy-ion physics.

Details on the talks given at Hot Quarks can be found at

Stephen Horvat is a graduate student at Yale University where he is working on the beam energy dependence of jet quenching in the STAR experiment and a participant in the Hot Quarks workshop.

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