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Welcome to RHIC News

by John Haggerty and Susan White-DePace

Photo of John HaggertyWelcome to the first issue of RHIC News. We hope that this web publication will in some small measure reflect the excitement of the RHIC and AGS program at Brookhaven, as explained by some of the people who are doing the experiments, analyzing the data, and writing the papers. To a large extent, we're talking to ourselves, since the RHIC program is so large and so diverse that it's perfectly normal that an engineer designing electronics for a PHENIX upgrade doesn't know so much about the latest STAR publication or what the Accelerator Physics Experiments are meant to do. But we all know from talking to neighbors, vendors who come to the laboratory, and the hundreds of people who turn out for Summer Sunday at RHIC that there is tremendous curiosity and interest in what we do here, and hopefully we can communicate to them as well some of the reasons we sometimes work all night, or travel here from homes far away to work here with our colleagues.

How did this come about? The RHIC/AGS Users Executive Committee agreed to let us organize this effort, and in a couple of meetings, we put together an "editorial board" with representatives from the RHIC experiments, the Collider-Accelerator Department, and the RHIC Computing Facility, which meets primarily by email. We were able to get help for the design of the web pages from Gary Schroeder of BNL Web Services with the help of the Users Office, and he has done an outstanding job. With words of encouragement from many quarters, and a certain amount of nagging, we have been able to pull together our first issue.

The plan is to publish every other Tuesday starting today, with three features articles discussing the experiments, the accelerator, the latest papers, the upgrades, and the conferences that interest the RHIC community. You should consider writing something about your own work--it's a good forum to explain in words of plain English what you're trying to do, and it might give someone in a distant cubicle some new ideas of their own. Just email your contribution to swd@bnl.gov .