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Users' e-Log

Short news items of interest to the RHIC/AGS community.

One Year of RHIC News

This issue is the twenty-seventh issue of RHIC News, and thus marks the beginning of the second year of publication. This is a good time to thank the great many contributors to RHIC News over the last year, who have taken time from their work to explain that work clearly and concisely to us. This is a different kind of science writing--the people doing the work are trying to explain what they are doing, and so it gives much more of a view from the inside, of work in progress, of puzzles that remain and our attempts to make sense of them. It shows the work of hundreds of people getting miles of equipment working in the accelerator, and building-sized experiments measuring signals consisting of only a few thousand electrons, all happening around the clock, every week for months on end. It has been fascinating to see, and the diversity and vibrancy of the RHIC physics program is truly amazing to see unfold in these pages. This is our shared story, and the story is far from over. If you have ideas for a story that should be told, or you'd like to tell your own story, please contact the editors; although there is no shortage of news, there are a lot of parts of this enterprise that are simply unknown to your colleagues.

New Ph.Ds From BRAHMS

Flemming Videbaek writes, "We have had the following students getting Ph.Ds since the 2007 full report:"

  • Hongyan Yang received her degree from University of Bergen titled "Particle Production in p+p and d+Au collisions at √ sNN = 200 GeV" under supervision of Dieter Roehrich. She is joining University of Heidelberg, Physics Institute in Prof. Johanna Stachel's group in a postdoctoral position working in ALICE.
  • Truls M.Larsen received his degree from University of Copenhagen titled "High momentum jet quenching in √ sNN = 62.4 GeV Cu+Cu and Au+Au collisions" under supervision of Jens Jorgen Gaardhoje.

New Director for Jefferson Lab

Hugh Montgomery, formerly of Fermilab, was named third director of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility last week. More information can be found here.