Annual Users Meeting

June 1-5, 2009
Brookhaven National Laboratory


Welcome to RHIC News

We hope that this web publication will in some small measure reflect the excitement of the RHIC and AGS program at Brookhaven, as explained by some of the people who are doing the experiments, analyzing the data, and writing the papers.

Quark Matter Career Forum
By Jim Sowinski, Indiana University, Bloomington, RHIC & AGS UEC Chair
Each spring the RHIC & AGS Users' Executive Committee (UEC) holds an Open Forum meeting. After interest was expressed by junior members for advice on careers we decided to put together a panel of faculty from academia and scientists from national labs for an open question Career Forum. We took the opportunity of the large gathering of scientists from around the world at Quark Matter in Knoxville to partner with the conference organizers for the event held on March 30, 2009, just after the start of the conference.  More...

Quark Matter From the Inside
By Paul Stankus, ORNL
Many people have told me that they felt the Quark Matter '09 conference was a great success: generally well-run, with a scientifically interesting program and an enjoyable atmosphere. And, much as I would like to confirm this impression first-hand I will mostly have to take everyone's word for it: for even though I attended the conference, and arrived two days early, as a member of the QM09 Local Organizing Committee I was too busy to see that much of its actual content in real time.   More...

What Did We Learn at Quark Matter 2009?
Edited by Peter Steinberg, BNL
The main auditorium at Quark Matter 2009 Quark Matter 2009, the 21st international conference on high energy heavy ion collisions, was held in Knoxville, Tennessee and ended just two weeks ago (March 30 - April 4). Although the conference covers just one subfield of nuclear physics (itself a subfield!), those attending often found themselves overwhelmed by the sheer variety of results and all of the questions raised about the nature of the collisions we make at CERN and BNL.  More...

BNL Cafe Update
By Peter Steinberg, BNL
If one spends a lot of time at CERN, it starts to become clear that most of the interesting business at the lab, from physics discussions to social planning, happens at the CERN Cafeteria. This is clearly, um, illustrated in the panel above from PhD comics. The fact that the CERN Cafeteria is centrally located, and provides good food and drink at all hours, had always been a source of jealously for many of us who spend most of our times at BNL. Of course, by now there is no reason to be jealous, as Brookhaven now has its own place to get coffee, discuss things with friends and colleagues, and get a bit of work done between other obligations: the BNL Cafe in the Research Support Building (400). More...