Annual Users Meeting

June 1-5, 2009
Brookhaven National Laboratory


Welcome to RHIC News

We hope that this web publication will in some small measure reflect the excitement of the RHIC and AGS program at Brookhaven, as explained by some of the people who are doing the experiments, analyzing the data, and writing the papers.

The 2009 RHIC & AGS Users Meeting
By Jim Sowinski
Name that tune! No not a song but a property of the beam in RHIC. Or at least that is what we hope you will learn by attending the special symposium on accelerator physics scheduled for Wednesday, June 3rd as part of the RHIC & AGS Users Meeting this year. Accelerator physics is an exciting field on which all our users rely. We have set up this special symposium to be presented by our colleagues from the Collider-Accelerator Department, so we can all learn more about the RHIC accelerator and the physics that governs it.  More...

PHENIX and the 500 GeV Run
By John Haggerty
Long before the first 500 GeV proton-proton collisions were seen at PHENIX on February 24, 2009, the detector was being prepared for this milestone in RHIC running. The north muon tracker had been extensively modified to split the signals from the chambers so that fast trigger decisions could be made with it in future runs, but every signal cable and electronic chassis inside the steel magnet return yoke had to be modified, and during the run, it would be essentially impossible to repair or modify any of it.  More...

Barbara Jacak Elected to National Academy of Sciences
Barbara Jacak, Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Stony Brook University and spokesperson of the PHENIX experiment since December 2006, has been named to the National Academy of Sciences. Membership in the NAS is one of the highest honors given to a scientist or engineer in the United States. Professor Jacak will be inducted into the Academy next April during its 147th annual meeting in Washington, D.C.  More...