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We hope that this web publication will in some small measure reflect the excitement of the RHIC and AGS program at Brookhaven, as explained by some of the people who are doing the experiments, analyzing the data, and writing the papers.

The Past 6 Weeks for Nuclear, Particle Physics at BNL
By Steve Vigdor
The past 6 weeks have been an extremely busy period for Nuclear and Particle Physics at Brookhaven. On April 28, Sam Aronson and the upper BNL management presented a 10-year BNL plan to DOE, in which both nuclear and particle physics played crucial roles. On May 2, we hosted a symposium to honor the 50th anniversary of the classic BNL experiment by Maurice Goldhaber, Lee Grodzins and A.W. Sunyar measuring the helicity of the neutrino.  More...

2008 RHIC/AGS PAC Meeting
By Steve Vigdor
The RHIC/AGS Program Advisory Committee met at BNL on May 8-9, 2008 to consider Run 9 Beam Use Requests and five-year run plans from STAR and PHENIX, as well as a full proposal to mount a new storage ring experiment using polarized deuteron beams from the AGS to measure an intrinsic electric dipole moment of the deuteron with sensitivity at the 10-29 e.cm level. Because of budget uncertainties, I asked PAC to concentrate for RHIC on priority recommendations for FY2009 and FY2010 combined, and then separately for the FY2011-2013 period.  More...

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Short news items of interest to the RHIC/AGS community. This week: RHIC News in Brookhaven Bulletin, STAR Ph.Ds, and the 2008 Gertrude Scharff-Goldhaber Prize. More...