July 3, 2007 Edition

Seminars and Colloquia at Brookhaven National Laboratory
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Seminars and Collquia at the RIKEN BNL Research Center

Thursday, July 19, 2007
Analysis of Large Tanbeta Effects in MSSM from the GUT Scale
Enrico Lunghi, Fermilab 1:30 PM, Small Seminar Room, Bldg. 510

Seminars and Colloquia at Stony Brook University

None scheduled

Upcoming Conferences and Meetings

PHENIX Collaboration Meeting
July 11-13
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado 2007

Annual Meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Society
October 10-13, 2007
Newport News, Virginia

Quark Matter 2008
February 4-10, 2008
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Luminosity Plot

Enlarge Plot

RHIC integrated luminosity in units inverse micro barns as a function of days in Run7 for the four interaction regions together with our least optimistic predictions (dark blue dots and line) and our most optimistic predictions (grey dots and line). The least optimistic predictions are based on an extrapolation of our most successful week in Run 4, the most optimistic scenario is based on a beta* value of 0.9 m, 111 bunches, 1.1e9 ions/bunch and an average time at store of 60%. The luminosity numbers are corrected for accidental coincidences in the ZDCs.
- Angelika Drees, RHIC Run Coordinator.

Welcome to RHIC News

We hope that this web publication will in some small measure reflect the excitement of the RHIC and AGS program at Brookhaven, as explained by some of the people who are doing the experiments, analyzing the data, and writing the papers.

RHIC-AGS Annual Users' Meeting 2007 by Abhay Deshpande
The 2007 RHIC & AGS Annual Usersí Meeting was held at Brookhaven National Laboratory on June 18-22, 2007. Continuing the tradition, Rene Bellwied (Wayne State), the 2006 Chair Elect of the Userís Executive Committee, led the organization of this yearís meeting. The structure of the meeting was a little different compared to the previous years. The difference being the focus on RHIC science in general   More...

LeitchThe 2007 Gold-Gold Run at PHENIX by Mike Leitch
The PHENIX collaboration has just finished our 2007 Gold-Gold run having recorded over 5 billion minimum-bias events using our 5 khz data acquisition event rate capability - approximately 3.4 times what was obtained in our previous 2004 Gold-Gold run.  More...

ChristieSTAR meets its Data and Detector Development Goals in Run 7 by William Christie
The STAR Collaboration had a very successful FY07 physics run. In spite of the usual challenges in running machines as complex as the RHIC Collider and the STAR Detector system, the STAR Collaboration met all of its physics data set goals, as well as its ongoing detector technology development goals.  More...

SakaguchiFlash light spectroscopy By Takao Sakaguchi
Electro-magnetic radiation is an excellent probe for extracting thermodynamical information in relativistic heavy ion collisions. They are emitted from all the stages of collisions, and don't interact strongly with medium once produced.  More...