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Workshop A3

Advances in Lepton Flavor Violation Searches

Location:  Small Seminar Room - Physics, Bldg. 510

Date:  May 14, 2004

Organizers:  Ed Hungerford and Peter Yamin

Description:   New experiments searching for direct mu-->e conversion and mu-->e/gamma are being planned. The history of such experiments will be presented, and medium- and long-term opportunities considered.


0900 Welcome Ed Hungerford & Peter Yamin

Lepton Flavor Violation and Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Ryuichiro Kitano
0950 Search for /e Conversion on Ti with SINDRUM II Vasily Dzhordzhadze
1030 Coffee  
1100 PRISM (/e Conversion) Yoshi Kuno
1200 Lunch  
1330 MEG Toshi Mori
1410 MECO (/e Conversion) Bill Molzon
1450 Coffee  
1510 MECO Plans and Needs Mike Hebert
1549 General Discussion  

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