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Plenary Session

Thursday, June 23, 2011

 Friday | Overview
Meeting Location: Berkner Hall Auditorium, Bldg. 488 

Preliminary Agenda

Plenary Session I: Run 11--Chair:  Helen Caines (Chair UEC 2010 -11)
08:30 Welcome Helen Caines
  Long Range Plan  
  Run 11 C-AD Report  
  Run 11 STAR Report  
  Run 11 PHENIX Report  
  AnDY Report  
  Break & Poster Session
Plenary Session II: Chair: Peter Steinberg (Chair-Elect UEC 2010 - 11)
  LHC Talk  
  LSST Report  
  Current Theory Perspectives  
  Thesis Award Presentations Steven Vigdor
  Thesis Award Winner Flash Talk  
  Thesis Award Winner Flash Talk  
  Lunch break and Poster Session
Plenary Session III: The Future-- Chair--TBD
1:00 Welcome  
  RHIC Plans  
  eRHIC Plans  
  eRHIC Detector Talk  
  eRHIC Theory Talk  
  Break & Poster Session  
Plenary Session IV:  Agency Perspectives--Chair--TBD
  ONP Perspective  
  HI Perspective  
  NSF Perspective  
  Facility Perspective  
  Poster Awards  

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