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Workshop R2b

High p_T Physics at RHIC:  II. Jets, jT, kT

Location:  Large Seminar Room - Physics, Bldg. 510

Date:  May 11, 2004

Organizers:  Jan Rak, Michael Tannenbaum, and Werner Vogelsang

Local Contact:  Jan Rak

Description:  The measurement of the parton distribution and fragmentation function, partons' transverse momenta $k_T$ and jet transverse fragmentation momentum $j_T$ provides sensitive tools for study of partonic phase of the nuclear collisions. The goal of the workshop is to discuss the recent experimental and theoretical progress on understanding of interaction of high-pT partons with excited nuclear matter at RHIC.


02:00-02:30 from ISR to RHIC M. Tannenbaum, BNL
02:30-03:00 Resummation and kT G. Sterman, SUNYSB
03:00-03:40 STAR measurement of jet modification in Au+Au collisions Fuqiang Wang, Purdue Univ.
03:40-04:10 Resummed QCD power corrections and dihadron correlations I. Vitev, Iowa State Univ.
04:10-04:30 Coffee Break  
04:30-05:10 PHENIX measurement of jet properties in pp, dAu and AuAu collisions Roy Lacey, SUNYSB
05:10-05:40 Influence of kT on high-pT particle production M. Begel
05:40-06:10 Final Remarks - di-jet fragmentation Organizers
06:10  Adjourn  

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