Plenary Session - Thursday, May 29, 2008


Berkner Hall Auditorium, Bldg. 488

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Plenary Session I, Chair: Rene Bellwied (Chair UEC 2007-8)

08:25   Welcome by the UEC Chair   Abhay Deshpande (SBU, RBRC)
08:30   Run-8 Accelerator Performance Highlights   Christoph Montag (BNL)
09:15   STAR Run-8 achievement & summary   Akio Ogawa (BNL)
09:45   PHENIX Run-8 achievement & summary   M. Leitch (LANL)
10:15   Break & Poster Session
10:30   UEC Past Chairís address   Rene Bellwied (Wayne State)
10:45   PHENIX Results and perspectives   Yasuyuki Akiba (RIKEN)
11:25   STAR results and perspectives   Tom Trainor (U of W)
12:05   Lunch break & Poster Session

Plenary session II, Chair: Abhay Deshpande (Chair-Elect UEC 2007-8)

1:30   Thesis award presentations   Steve Vigdor (BNL)
1:45   Directorís address   Steve Vigdor (BNL)
2:15   DoE Office of Nuclear Physics   Jehanne Simon-Gillo (DoE)
2:45   DoE Office of Nuclear Physics, Medium Energy   Brad Tippens (DoE)
3:15   NSF Office of Nuclear Physics   Ani Aprahamian (NSF)
3:45   Break & Poster Session
4:15   RHIC Polarimetry   Alexander Bazilevsky (BNL)
4:45   UEC Election Results   Abhay Deshpande (SBU, RBRC)
5:00   Cocktail hour - compliments of BSA
5:30   Diversity in Physics: What can we do better?

Article in The Bulletin

  A. Morreale (UCR) & C. Nattrass (Yale)

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