RHIC & AGS Annual Users' Meeting

Workshop 1


High Momentum Probes and the Medium's Response

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Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2008  
Organizers: Helen Caines and Anne Sickles
Time: Full Day  
Location: Berkner Hall, Room B - Bldg. 488
This workshop aims to cover both theory and experimental progress in determining how high momentum probes interact with the medium produced at RHIC. Early results using correlations of high momentum particles indicate that when energetic parton pass through the hot and dense medium they deposit significant energy. There is a substantial modification of the away-side jet peak as well as evidence of a near-side long range pseudorapidity correlation known as the "ridge". This workshop will cover recent developments in our understanding of both these phenomena.


09:00   Overview of theoretical interpretations of ridge   Joern Putschke
09:30 Head/Shoulder/Ridge are ridge and Shoulder the same John Chen
10:00 Jet/ridge/away side vs Reaction Plane Pawan Netrakanti
10:30   Coffee Break
11:00   Low pt Ridge   Lanny Ray
11:30 The glasma effects on 2 particle correlations Raju Venugopalan
12:00 3-particle correlations Nuggehalli Ajitanand
12:30   Lunch
02:00   v2 in Jet and Ridge Events   Paul Sorensen
02:30 The ridge at high delta(eta), cluster size Edward Wenger
03:00 Mini-jets and their interactions Tom Trainor
03:30   Coffee Break
04:00   Doubly-triggered jet (2+1) correlations   Hua Pei
04:30 Viscosity Flow and the ridge Sean Gavin

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