RHIC & AGS Annual Users' Meeting

Workshop 5


Puzzling Spin : A testbed for QCD

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Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Organizers: Renee Fatemi, Ralf Seidl, and Feng Yu
Local Contact: Ralf Seidl
Time: Full Day
Location: Hamilton Seminar Room, Bldg. 555 - Chemistry
Recent experimental and theoretical results are providing a wealth of information which will shed light on several poorly understood pieces of the spin puzzle. In addition to reviewing the status of the most recent transverse and longitudinal spin data and theory papers, this workshop will present a fresh look at the global analyses aiming to consolidate and interpret these data within the broader context of the total spin structure of the nucleon. These talks naturally lead to and will inform discussions about the direction of future experimental efforts within the spin community.


09:00   The STAR Longitudinal Spin Program   Jason Webb
09:25 The PHENIX Longitudinal Spin Program Joe Seele
09:50 Global Analysis of Polarized PDFs Daniel de Florian
10:20   Coffee Break
10:30   Overview of Longitudinal and Transverse Spin Physics at HERMES   Jim Stewart
11:05 Overview of Longitudinal and Transverse Spin Physics at COMPASS Febienne Kunne
11:40 The relevance of positivity in spin physics Jacques Soffer
12:10   Lunch Break
1:30   The PHENIX Transverse Spin Program   Han Liu
1:55 Forward Transverse Spin at STAR Andrew Gordon
2:20 Recent Progress in Transverse Spin Physics Andreas Metz
2:50   Coffee Break
3:10   Physics with W Bosons at RHIC   Werner Vogelsang
3:40 Spin Physics at EIC Antje Bruell
4:10 Prospects for Drell-Yan Physics at RHIC Gerry Bunce
4:10   Discussion    

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