RHIC & AGS Annual Users' Meeting

Workshop 6


High pT Probes in pp (Focus:  UE)

High pT Probes in HI (Focus:  Jet Reconstruction)


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Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2009  
Organizers: Nathan Grau, Mike Lisa, Sevil Salur, and Anne Sickles 
Time: All Day  
Location: Room B, Berkner Hall - bldg. 488



9:00   Min-Bias and the Underlying Event: From RHIC to the LHC   Rick Field (University of Florida)
9:40   Collectivity in p+p collisions?   Zbigniew Chajecki (Ohio State University)
10:10   Jets and the Underlying Event in p-p Collisions as sqrt(s)=200 GeV   Helen Caines (Yale University)
10:40    Coffee break
11:10   Understanding the Role of Jet and Underlying Event in p+p and d+Au Collisions at RHIC   Jiangyong Jia (SUNY Stony Brook)
11:40   Soft Contribution to the Hard Ridge   George Moschelli (Wayne State)
12:10   Lunch
1:00   Mach Cones in Heavy Ion Collisions   Giorgio Torrieri (JW Goethe Universitate)
1:30   Studies of the Ridge in STAR   [ppt]   [pdf]   Christine Nattrass (Yale University)
2:00   Parton-Medium Interactions via Two Particle Correlations   Michael McCumber (SUNY @ Stony Brook)
2:30   Coffee break
3:00   Jets playing hide and seek   Gregory Soyez (BNL)
3:40   Full Jet Reconstruction in Heavy Ion Collisions   Joern Putschke (Yale University)
4:10   Direct jet reconstruction in p+p and Cu+Cu with PHENIX   Yue Shi Lai (Columbia University)
4:40   Ending

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