Plenary Session and 90/50/10 Celebration

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Special SymposiumFriday | Overview
Meeting Location: Berkner Hall Auditorium, Bldg. 488 

Plenary Session I: Run 10 -- Chair: Carl Gagliardi (Chair UEC 2010-10)
08:45 Welcome Carl Gagliardi, TAMU
08:55 Run 10- Accelerator Division Report Kevin Brown, BNL
09:20 Run 10- STAR Report Yury Gorbunov, Creighton University
09:45 Run 10- PHENIX Report Stefan Bathe, CUNY
10:10 Break & Poster Session
Plenary session II: Research Highlights -- Chair: Helen Caines (Chair-Elect UEC 2009-10)
10:40 Thesis Award Presentations Sam Aronson, Director, BNL
10:55 Thesis Award Winner Flash Talk Burak Alver
11:00 Thesis Award Winner Flash Talk Michael McCumber
11:05 NSF Report Allena Opper, Program Director NSF
11:30 Lunch break and Poster Session
Celebration of 90/50/10, Chair:  Nicholas Samios
1:00 Welcome Sam Aronson (BNL)
1:10 AGS History Ronnie Rau (BNL)
1:35 Precision Experiments on the Ground and in Space - The "J" Experiment at BNL and the AMS Experiment on the Space Station Samuel C.C. Ting (MIT)
2:00 Reminiscences of a Post Doc James Cronin  (University of Chicago )
2:30 Seeking New Physics with Rare Kaon Decays Douglas Bryman (TRIUMF)
3:00 Break  
Chair:  Peter Bond
3:25 Two Neutrino Experiment Konstantin Goulianos (Rockefeller University)
3:55 Frontiers in Neutrino Physics Paul Langacker (Institute for Advanced Study)
4:25 Frontiers in Nuclear Theory David Kaplan (University of Washington)
5:00 Frontiers in Particle Physics Sally Dawson (BNL)
5:35 Reminiscences Ernest Courant
5:55 Reminiscences of Ernest Courant, and the Start up of the AGS and RHIC Mark Barton (BNL)
6:15 Wine & Cheese Reception Berkner Hall Lobby, Bldg. 488

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