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Workshop 1- HI Workshop I

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Date: Monday, June 20, 2011  
Organizers:  Elena Bruna, Cesar da Silva, Lijuan Ruan
Time: 08:40 - 06:10  
Location: Bldg. 510 Physics Large Semiar Room


Hard Scattering Session
08:40   STAR overview   Alan Davila, University of Texas @ Austin
09:10   PHENIX overview   Craig Ogilvie, Iowa State University
09:40   Coffee Break    
10:00   Results from JET Collaboration   Xin-Nian Wang, LBNL
10:35   Towards a consistent jet quenching picture at RHIC   Joern Putschke, Yale University
11:15   Coffee Break    
11:35   Jet quenching and energy loss models at RHIC   Jiangyong Jia, BNL
12:15   The origin of the Ridge in Heavy-Ion Collisions   George Moschelli, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
12:50   Lunch Break    
Heavy Flavor/Vector Meson Session
02:30   PHENIX overview   Tony Frawley, Florida State University
03:00   STAR overview   Yifei Zhang, LBNL
03:30   Coffee Break    
03:50   Gluon saturation and quarkonium production in heavy-ion collisions   Marzia Nardi, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare- Torino, Italy
04:25   Upsilon measurements by PHENIX   Shawn Whitaker, Iowa State University
04:50   Coffee Break    
05:10   J/psi measurements in STAR   Chris Powell, University of Cape Town
05:35   Heavy flavor diffusion and hadronization in quark-gluon plasma   Min He, Texas A&M University
06:10   End of Workshop    

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