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Workshop 3 - Spin

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Date: Monday, June 20, 2011  
Organizers: Thomas Burton, Oleg Eyser, Robert Fersch
Time: 08:30 - 06:00  
Location: Bldg. 488 Berkner Hall Room B


Spin - Session I
09:00   Longitudinal theory overview   Christian Weiss, Jefferson Lab
09:45   STAR Delta G measurements   Brian Page, Indiana University
10:10   PHENIX Delta G measurements   SookHyun Lee, SUNY Stony Brook
10:35   Coffee Break    
11:05   STAR W measurements   Justin Stevens, Indiana University
11:30   PHENIX W measurements   Young Jin Kim, UIUC
11:55   RHIC & AGS status & plans   Vincent Schoefer, BNL
12:20   RHIC Polarimetry status & plans   Bill Schmidke, BNL
12:40   Lunch Break    
Spin- Session II
02:10   Transverse theory & overview   Zhongbo Kang, RBRC
02:55   SIDIS overview   Francesca Giordano, University of Illinois
03:30   Interference Fragmentation Functions   Anselm Vossen, Indiana University
03:55   Coffee Break    
04:25    AnDY status & plans   Xuan Li, Shandong University
04:50   STAR transverse   Thomas Burton, BNL
05:15   PHENIX transverse    John Koster, RBRC
05:40   Discuss, then adjourn    

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