Additional GIS Registration for Non-U.S. Citizens


If you are a Foreign National, you must also complete this BNL Guest Information Form for Non-U.S. Citizens as indicated on the homepage and also on the registration form. You should have also received an automatic "Thank You for Your Registration" response when you submitted your online registration form. If you indicated you are a foreign national and do not have a current BNL Appointment, you will be guided to this web site where you can complete and submit your BNL Guest Information Form.

Registering in the BNL Guest Information System (GIS) does not automatically register you for this event. If you have a current BNL Appointment and a valid BNL Guest Number or you have a pending Guest Registration (GR) Number, it is not necessary to complete the GIS form again.


Complete All Information Correctly

Please make sure to complete the BNL Guest Information Form as soon as possible. In order to ensure that this form is completed and routed correctly, please fill in all of your personal information and make sure to fill in the following for these few questions:

  • Department to be Visited: Physics Department (there are several options here...please make sure to choose the one that says only PHYSICS DEPARTMENT)
  • Experiment/Facility: None
  • Type of Experiment: Not Applicable
  • Type of Research: Open Research
  • Subject for the Type of Experiment the Guest will be Performing: None or Unknown
  • Name of BNL Host and Sponsor for Visit: First Name: Anthony; Last Name: Baltz


GIS Registration

Web Link: https://fsd84.bis.bnl.gov/guest/guest.asp

Once you have completed this form, you will automatically receive e-mails in response to let you know what further instructions are necessary prior to your arrival. Upon initially completing the online form you will receive an e-mail giving you a GR number; this number is only a tracking number. This is not your final Identification number. When your trip is fully approved, you will receive an e-mail indicating that you are approved and you will receive your Identification number.

Upon arrival at BNL, you have to go to Human Resources (building 185) to check in. Please make to bring your proper identification. View Guidelines...

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Last Modified: December 30, 2005

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