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Attendee Instructions

Helpful hints for attendees to make your visit to Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and attendance at this event a pleasant one...

Meeting Location
The workshop will be held in the Large Seminar Room in the Physics Department (Bldg 510) located on Pennsylvania Street. When you enter the main entrance to the Physics Department, turn right and continue down through the glass-walled walkway. The Large Seminar Room is on the left and the seminar lounge is on the right.

Access to BNL
Arrive early, at least one hour prior to the event.

  • GIS Registration Information for Non-U.S. Citizens - If you are a Foreign National, you must also complete the BNL Guest Information Form for Non-U.S. Citizens as indicated on the registration form before they will allow you access to the site. Registering in the BNL Guest Information System (GIS) does not automatically register you for this event.
  • If you have a valid BNL ID badge, stay in the LEFT LANE as you enter BNL. To be valid, the date on the bottom of your ID badge must be current.
  • If you do not have a BNL badge or it's expired, stay in the RIGHT LANE as you enter BNL. Inform the guard you are attending the Workshop: Can We Discover the QCD Critical Point at RHIC?. You may be requested to check in at the security trailer. A photo ID is required. Allow sufficient time for gate check-in. You may experience delays due to meeting attendance and the usual morning traffic.

    Proper Visitor Identification is required.

Program Changes
Any changes to the program for the meeting or workshops will be posted online. Go to the Event Homepage and click on Agenda.

Weather Conditions at Brookhaven

Since the Guest House, Dorms and the Cafeteria are all a good walk away from the Physics Department, please dress accordingly with winter clothing, umbrella, etc., if necessary. If there is very inclement weather and you think there is a possibility of BNL either having a delayed opening or being closed for the day, you may call extension x4636 (INFO) from an onsite BNL telephone. If calling from an offsite telephone or from a cell phone, please call 1-631-344-4636.

Computer Access
Three computer terminals are located in Berkner Hall (Bldg. 488) for internet access or accessing your email during the meeting. You may also use the local network jacks to connect your own laptop as well. If attendees bring laptops, PDAs, etc. that will require internet access during the meeting, then these devices must be registered in BNL's Network Access Registration database in order to access the internet. Contact the Event Coordinator or the ITD Helpdesk for access instructions.

Faxing Documents
A fax machine is located in Berkner Hall (Bldg. 488) for those who require faxing services. The phone number is (631) 344-5568.

Transportation Onsite
If you require transportation while at BNL, the options are:

  • Courtesy Van (limited service) - There is an onsite BNL Courtesy Van service available Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:15. To arrange a ride, please call extension x2714 from a BNL phone. If calling from an offsite telephone or from a cell phone, please call 1-631-344-2714.
  • Enterprise Rental Car (located onsite at BNL) - Call (631) 344-4888 for discounted rates, cars available for less than half day (or more), students availability.
  • Taxi Service (for destinations to/from BNL)

Additional Information

  • Visitor Identification Requirements
  • General Information about Brookhaven
  • Food on Site: Dinner service is no longer available on Saturday or Sunday evenings so please make sure you eat before you arrive or make other arrangements for those evenings.
        - Schedule of the cafeteria and the Center Restaurant
  • Housing Office: The Housing Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12 midnight. It is located in Building 179 on the corner of Brookhaven Avenue and Center Street. If you are arriving after midnight or during the weekend, you will have to pick up your keys at Police Headquarters, located in Building 50 on Upton Road. If you obtain your keys from Police Headquarters, you will have to go to the Housing Office during regular hours to pay your housing bill and any telephone charges you may have incurred. Before leaving, you must check out with the Housing Office and return your key. To contact the Housing Office, please call (631) 344-2541 or 344-2551 or e-mail to housing@bnl.gov.
  • Speakers Proceedings Packages: Speakers must submit a "Proceedings Package" during the Workshop. This package must consist of a cover page with your name, affiliation and a very short summary of the principal points of your presentation as well as five significant transparencies from your presentation. A PAPER COPY of this material must be submitted at the workshop (preferably at registration) allowing the Proceedings to be prepared promptly. Your help with this is appreciated.

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Last Modified: March 17, 2006