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Brookhaven National Laboratory

Workshop On:

Parity-Violating Spin Asymmetries at RHIC

Date: April 26-27, 2007
Location: Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)
Physics Department, Bldg 510, Large Seminar Room
Organizers: Werner Vogelsang (BNL), Matthias Perdekamp (RIKEN-BNL and University of Illinois), Bernd Surrow (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Sponsors: Brookhaven National Laboratory


Motivation & Plans

The RHIC spin program is now fully underway. Several runs have been successfully completed and are producing exciting first results. Luminosity and polarization have improved remarkably and promising advances toward the higher RHIC center-of-mass energy of 500 GeV have been made. At this energy in particular, it will become possible to perform measurements of parity-violating spin asymmetries. Parity violation occurs in weak interactions, and in combination with the unique polarization capabilities at RHIC fascinating new opportunities arise. In particular, parity-violating single- and double-spin asymmetries give new insights into nucleon structure by allowing probes of up and down sea and anti-quark polarizations. Such measurements at RHIC are a DOE performance milestone for the year 2013 and are also supported by a very large effort from RIKEN. With transverse polarization, charged-current interactions may be sensitive to the Sivers effect. Parity-violating effects at RHIC have been proposed even as probes of physics beyond the Standard Model.

With the era of measurements of parity-violating spin asymmetries at RHIC now rapidly approaching, we think that a small workshop that brings together some of the main experts in both theory and experiment, is timely. We plan to review the physics motivations for the planned measurements, and the current status. Members of the Brookhaven C-AD will discuss the machine prospects regarding polarized 500 GeV running. The RHIC experiments will report on their plans for vital upgrades of their detectors, and on their ideas for measurements. On the theory side, new calculations have been presented over the last few years, mostly in terms of QCD all-order resummations of perturbation theory. These will be discussed. Also, new observables, such as jet final states and spin asymmetries in Z production, have been proposed. These still need close further investigation, also in terms of their suitability for experimental measurement. We expect that this can be achieved at the workshop. Also, the incorporation of the future W and Z data into global analyses of the spin-dependent parton distributions will be addressed. Finally, we hope that the workshop will serve to generate additional new ideas for further measurements.

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