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Brookhaven National Laboratory

Strangeness in Collisions

Date: February 16-17, 2006
Location: Brookhaven National Laboratory
Large Seminar Room, Physics Building 510
Organizers: Helen Caines (Yale University), Larry McLerran (RIKEN/BNL), Matthew Lamont (Yale), Krzysztof Redlich (University of Wroclaw & CERN) and Richard Witt (Yale University)
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Motivation & Plans

Over the past few years we have gathered a wealth of data on strangeness production in A-A and p-p collisions. We aim to gather experts in strangeness analysis from RHIC, the SPS, and theory to promote an environment for the lively exchange of ideas. We will take an informal look at the data available and discuss what other possible analyses and calculations can be made. The format of the workshop will be a series of presentations from experimentalists and theorists with sufficient time between talks for detailed discussion of the topics presented.

Specific topics to be discussed are:

  • production differences between A-A and p-p collisions
  • sqrt(s) production dependences of strange particles and resonances.

Recent studies at RHIC and the SPS have exploited the PID capabilities of strange particle reconstruction to explore the differences in baryon and meson production at intermediate and high pT. We are inviting speakers to specifically address these results and what they imply about the possibility of recombination from a partonic medium. RHIC has also produced detailed results on strangeness production in elementary p-collisions. How these data can be manipulated to explore the strange quarks roles in parton distribution functions, fragmentation functions and their application in NLO and LO calculations will also be addressed. The "Strangeness in Collisions" Workshop is sponsored in part by Yale University.

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