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The Physics of W and Z Bosons

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Motivation & Plans

The discovery of W and Z bosons over a quarter century ago at CERN was a major success of the Standard Model. Since then, there have been tremendous developments in understanding the physics of W and Z bosons, both theoretically and experimentally. We produced them in a great quantity in electron-positron collisions at EP and in proton-antiproton collisions at Tevatron. We studied their properties and used them not only as probes for new physics but also tightening the constraints for a Higgs discovery.

With the recent release of the first measurement of W bosons in proton-proton collision at RHIC and the anticipated arrival of a huge number of W/Z events from the LHC in a near future, we believe it is very timely to organize a focused workshop to bring together experts from both high energy particle and nuclear physics communities to share their ideas and expertise on the physics of W and Z bosons, so that we could explore the full potential of the W/Z physics programs at RHIC and LHC.

The focus of this two-day workshop will be on the production and measurement of W/Z bosons in both polarized and unpolarized proton-proton collisions, and the role of W/Z production in probing the parton flavor and helicity structure of the colliding proton and in searching for new physics. There will also be discussion about the potential and future prospects of W/Z programs at RHIC, Tevatron, and the LHC.


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Special Events

Registered attendees are invited to attend the Thursday night dinner at the Brookhaven Center, free-of-charge on June 24, 2010. Directions

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Proceedings Information for Speakers

All speakers are to submit a 6-page Proceedings Package consisting of:

The Proceedings Package must be submitted prior to or during the workshop. A paper copy is preferable; however, an electronic copy may be submitted to pesposit@bnl.gov. Please avoid using color since the proceedings are printed in black and white.

Your cooperation is appreciated for timely publication of the proceedings after the workshop. Any questions contact the event coordinator at 631-344-3097 or pesposit@bnl.gov.

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