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Workshop on

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide-Materials Interactions

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Several advanced energy systems, including enhanced geothermal systems and fossil fuel power plants equipped with carbon capture and geologic storage will require large-scale operations involving supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-CO2). In addition, sc-CO2 is already used in a variety of industrial processes and is being pursued as an alternative thermodynamic working fluid in nuclear and fossil fuel plants. However, major uncertainties remain about the performance of these energy systems due to a limited understanding of the chemical interactions between fluids and materials such as steel, cement and rock. This workshop will explore how synchrotron-based x-ray methods can be applied to better understand the properties and material interactions of sc-CO2 and associated fluids under conditions relevant to the different energy systems. The workshop will define key questions and develop strategies to address these knowledge gaps.

For example:

The workshop will foster collaborations between DOE facilities, universities and industries working with sc-CO2 in diverse technologies. It will identify key research areas where synchrotron characterization techniques can impact sc-CO2 energy technologies.

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