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Accelerators for Applied Research

Brookhaven National Lab operates several accelerator facilities dedicated to applied research. These facilities directly address questions and concerns on a tremendous range of fields, including medical imaging, cancer therapy, computation, and space exploration. Leading scientists lend their expertise to these accelerators and offer crucial assistant to collaborating researchers, pushing the limits of science and technology.

Interested in gaining access to these facilities for research? See the contact number listed for each facility.

RHIC tunnel

Brookhaven Linac Isotope Producer

The Brookhaven Linac Isoptope Producer  (BLIP)—positioned at the forefront of research into radioisotopes used in cancer treatment and diagnosis—produces commercially unavailable radioisotopes for use by the medical community and related industries. BLIP consists of a an accelerator beam line and target area for generating radioisotopes already in high demand and for developing those required at the frontiers of nuclear medicine. In conjunction with this mission, scientists also perform irradiations for non-isotope applications and explore opportunities for emerging radioisotope applications.

Contact: (631) 344-4619


Tandem Van de Graaff

The Tandem Van de Graaff facility, a large electrostatic accelerator, can provide researchers with beams of more than 40 different types of ions — atoms that have been stripped of their electrons. Ions ranging from hydrogen to uranium are available. The facility consists of two 15 million volt electrostatic accelerators, each about 24 meters long, aligned end-to-end. One of the new and interesting applications found for the large variety of different beams and energies available at the Tandem is the testing of integrated circuit chips under heavy ion bombardment. By simulating the effects of radiation both in space and on the ground, scientists and engineers from several other laboratories and companies are improving the reliability of computers. 

Contact: (631) 344-4619