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Sustainable Energy Technologies Department

Energy storage

The Sustainable Energy Technologies Department finds alternatives to fossil fuels and improves energy efficiency to meet our exponentially growing energy needs over the next century and beyond.  

Energy Storage

Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts leading-edge research into two of the most promising technologies to move us closer to making such vehicles feasible, affordable and safe: solid-state hydrogen storage and lithium batteries. 

Renewables and Grid Analysis

The Renewable Energy Group’s missions is to support the Sustainable Energy Technologies Department by developing solutions to key issues facing the deployment, grid integration, and life-cycle assessment of renewable energy technologies in the United States.

Energy Conversion

The Energy Conversion Group offers advanced technical solutions to achieve reduced fossil fuel use in geothermal power and building energy applications. Focus is on advanced materials, biofuel end use, combustion and system concepts.

Energy Policy & Tech Analysis

The group’s core focus is on long-term integrated energy, environmental, and economic analysis using the MARKAL family of models, a well-established tool for energy systems analysis.