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Energy Storage Group

A change toward alternative transportation – hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles and electric vehicles – is essential for reducing oil dependency. Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts leading-edge research into two of the most promising technologies to move us closer to making such vehicles feasible, affordable and safe: solid-state hydrogen storage and lithium batteries.  

Brookhaven scientists are conducting basic electrochemical research to significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of fuel cells and batteries. They have launched a concerted effort of basic and applied research for the development of improved energy-storage materials and systems with high energy densities, fast cycling rates and long cycling lifetimes in efficient, economical and safe media. The overall goal is to establish a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary energy-storage program that includes basic and applied experimental and theoretical efforts on energy storage for mobile and stationary applications. Using the Lab’s unique facilities, researchers will develop energy storage programs in lithium batteries, electrochemical capacitors, metal hydrides, and chemical hydrogen carriers.