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July 13 - August 3, 2014



Brilliant Light, Illuminating Science

Tour the National Synchrotron Light Source and learn how it is used to look into everything from batteries to viruses. Visit NSLS-II, a new, powerful photon microscope designed to deliver world-leading intensity and brightness. This year, we celebrate the International Year of Crystallography with magical presentations and interactive fun!

Bus tickets available after attending overview in Berkner Hall, Room B; last facility visits begin at 3 p.m.


Science Talks

11 a.m.

“Doing Research at NSLS: Examples in Alzheimer’s Disease and Green Fuels”

Science Education Center Auditorium
Presented by Maria Sirenko, Undergraduate, Cornell University & Tiffany Victor, PhD Student, Stony Brook University

1 p.m.

“SIX: A Looong Beamline at NSLS-II to Look at Electrons”

Science Education Center Auditorium
Presented by Ignace Jarrige, Physicist, Photon Sciences

2 p.m.

“How Insects Breathe, Eat and Zap: Discovering Insect Physiology with X-rays”

Science Education Center Auditorium
Presented by Wah-Keat Lee, Physicist, Photon Sciences


Science Laser Light Spectacular

Noon, 1:30 p.m., 3 p.m.

Berkner Hall Auditorium
Be sure to arrive early as the auditorium fills quickly!


Hands On Science Fun!

All Day

Berkner Hall Lobby
Velocity up; pressure down! Experience the Bernoulli Principle in action or make your hair stand on end with our Van de Graaff generator!

photo of NSLS-II