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July 29, 2018

brilliant light, dazzling discoveries

All-Day Activities

National Synchrotron Light Source II

Visit NSLS-II, a powerful x-ray microscope designed to deliver world-leading intensity and brightness. Watch our scientists perform exciting demonstrations. Participate in hands-on science fun and build a candy crystal and play with water rockets. Take a tour of the experimental floor. Enjoy the Science-as-Art exposition and talk with student interns about their research.

* Must attend introduction in Berkner Hall Room B for bus ticket; arrive by 2:30 pm for last facility visit.

Nanoscience Fun

All day in Berkner Hall Room D.

Ages 5+

Hands-on, math-based art activities like origami, line art and paper mat weaving.

Scheduled Activities

Prismatic Magic's Science Spectacular Laser Light Show

Berkner Hall Auditorium

12:00 pm • 1:30 pm • 3:00 pm

1 hour, All ages
Delve into the mysteries of light, color, and perception in an exciting laser light show that proves science is cool.

Be sure to arrive early as the auditorium fills quickly.


Bus from Berkner Hall

Gates open 10:00 am – 3:00 pm | Visitors over the age of 16 must show photo ID.
Check in at Berkner Hall. | Cafeteria open 11:00 am – 3:00 pm