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Snowmass Workshop on Frontier Capability


The Snowmass Workshop on Frontier Capability is for High Intensity Secondary Beams Driven by Protons Snowmass working group, part of the Frontier Capability study group, to address:

  • the capabilities of existing facilities, and possible improvements of these facilities,
  • possible new accelerators for applications that may be pertinent to the HEP intensity frontier community.

The working group is structured to first address HEP intensity frontier needs from the High Energy Physics perspective, and then address the capabilities (present, upgrades and planned) that can meet these needs. The common element in these perspectives is the requirement for secondary and proton beam parameters.

Workshop Outline

  1. What are the particle physics anticipated needs and the requirements on secondary beams, i.e. neutrino, kaon, muon, neutron, etc.?
    1. Particles’ energy
    2. Particles’ flux
    3. Temporal and spatial characteristics
    4. Purity / contamination constraints
  2. What are the proton beam requirements to meet the above secondary beam requirements? Are there any overlaps?
  3. Can existing accelerator facilities accommodate proton beam requirements in Question 1?
  4. What new facilities or upgrades to existing facilities are needed to meet requirements in Question 1?
  5. What accelerator and target R&D is required for new facilities and for upgrades of existing facilities?

These questions will be a focal point of the workshop. Concept and facility proponents will need to directly address these questions. To increase the likelihood of these questions being directly addressed, input on these questions is solicited for initial compilation before the workshop.

We have had some discussion on these questions already, including the notion of aiming for a proton beam "phase space" representation to capture the desired beam properties, the existing beam capabilities, and proposed new beam capabilities.


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Workshop Organizers

  • John Galambos (ORNL)
  • S. Nagaitsev (FNAL)
  • Mei Bai (BNL)

Workshop Coordinator

  • Anna Petway (BNL)

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Last Modified: December 27, 2017