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Sponsored Research

While the Department of Energy is the primary sponsor of research at BNL there are many ways in which industries can partner with BNL’s scientific talent to accelerate innovation in their commercial field. If you're interested in learning more about the sponsored research program contact Erick Hunt, (631) 344-2103.

Agreement for Commercializing Technology (ACT)

The Agreement for Commercializing Technology (ACT), a new technology transfer mechanism, is now available for use. Brookhaven National Laboratory is among seven other national laboratories that are piloting this new mechanism to partner with businesses and other non-federal entities.

ACT was created to make negotiation between non-federal entities and the national laboratories more flexible and timely. In the past, private industry utilizing the current sponsored research avenues, CRADAs or Work for Others agreements, have come up against several barriers imposed by the Department of Energy's policies and procedures. With ACT, Brookhaven's contractor, Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC (BSA), is authorized to take on risks that the U.S. Government cannot. This will provide more flexible terms that are geared towards private industry practice, such as IP rights, payment arrangements, indemnification and development of multi-party research and development partnerships, just to name a few. With the flexibility that ACT provides, more private companies that are unable to do work under a CRADA or WFO agreement, will now have an option to do work with the national laboratories under an ACT agreement.

Learn more about ACT (PDF)

For questions on ACT, please contact Erick Hunt at (631)344-2103.