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Have you discovered or invented something as a BNL researcher? Protect your discovery by filing a Record of Invention form. The form alerts both BNL and the Department of Energy to new discoveries and enables a patent application to be filed to claim them. The Office of Technology Commericalization and Partnerships helps BNL inventors protect and commercialize their inventions and can help you secure external sources of research funding.

Sponsored Research

BNL scientists have many different options for working with industry and academic institutions. The various mechanisms include Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA), Work for Others (WFO) and Agreement for Commercializing Technology (ACT). BNL scientists can participate as a sub-contractor to a small business which is applying for SBIR or STTR funds.

TCP helps BNL scientists:

  • Identify appropriate funding opportunities provided by federal agencies.
  • Submit grant proposals.
  • Secure DOE approval for sponsored research activities funded by federal (non- DOE) and non-federal entities.
  • Negotiate and execute CRADAs and WFOs.

If you are interested in learning more about the various sponsored research programs, please contact the TCP member with whom you normally work or Erick Hunt at 631-344-2103.

Proposal Center

The Proposal Center is responsible for developing major proposal opportunities that fit BNL's strategic objectives across all science and technology disciplines. The center is an expert resource for the laboratory to assure BNL proposals are professionally prepared, reviewed and delivered, reflecting quality and innovative thinking that further enhances BNL s reputation and competitive position. The proposal center serves the laboratory in stewardship of the proposals process, focused on proposals to non-DOE sponsors. To learn more about the Proposal Center, please contact Andrea Wund at 631-344-4656.

Commercialization Resources

The Technology Maturation Fund is allocated for the commercial development of promising early stage BNL technologies. The strategic objectives of the fund are to assist BNL in licensing such technologies more effectively, to develop opportunities for sponsored research funding and collaborations, and to expedite the transfer of promising new technologies into market deployment. With these objectives in mind, the fund seeks to support innovative research aimed at extending preliminary observations, establishing proof-of-principle, and enhancing (or generating) BSA intellectual property positions.