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Have you discovered or invented something as a BNL researcher? Protect your discovery by filing a Record of Invention form. The form alerts both BNL and the Department of Energy to new discoveries and enables a patent application to be filed to claim them. The Office of Technology Commericalization and Partnerships helps BNL inventors protect and commercialize their inventions and can help you secure external sources of research funding.

Reporting an Invention

When you have an invention or new discovery you need to file a Record of Invention (ROI) with the Intellectual Property Legal Group (IPLG). The ROI is used to inform both BNL and the Department of Energy of the inventions and discoveries made at the laboratory. The Office of Technology Commercialization and Partnerships (TCP) evaluates the commercial potential of the inventions described in the ROI and determines whether to protect the invention by patenting. As part of your obligations as a BSA-employee you must assign title (ownership) to any patentable invention to BSA or, to the DOE if BSA declines title. In the event that the DOE declines title to the invention you have the option to request a waiver from DOE and take title to it. If a waiver is granted, you may file or continue prosecution for those patent applications on your own or through your own private patent agent/attorney.

The ROI form which must be printed out, completed fully and signed by the appropriate parties as indicated. Instructions for filling out ROI form  (PDF).

Download ROI Form (.doc)   Questions? Contact Dorene Price.

Reporting Software

A software abstract and disclosure should be submitted before you distribute the software to anyone outside BNL or DOE, even if distributed as open source software. The TCP staff and Chief IP Counsel Dorene Price will work with you to develop the distribution strategy that best meets the needs of the Lab, research, and potential users.

Copyright Software Form (.doc)
Open Source Software Form (PDF)

Reporting Copyright Work

For any originally authored work such as scientific or technical document (excluding software) that is not being published in academic, technical or profession journals, symposia, proceedings or other similar venues, you may file a Copyright Work Disclosure form.

Copyright Work Disclosure Form (.doc)