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2013 Call for Technology Maturation Funding Proposals

Submission Deadline: January 14, 2013

Program Description

The Technology Maturation (TM) fund is allocated for the commercial development of promising early stage BNL technologies.  The strategic objectives of the fund are to assist BNL in licensing such technologies more effectively, to develop opportunities for sponsored research funding and collaborations, and to expedite the transfer of promising new technologies into market deployment.  With these objectives in mind, the fund seeks to support innovative research aimed at extending preliminary observations, establishing proof-of-principle, and enhancing (or generating) BSA intellectual property positions. 


The principal investigator of the TM proposal can be a BSA employee or a joint appointee.  However, please note joint appointees can only submit TM proposals for technologies in which BSA is at least part owner of the underlying associated intellectual property.   

Funding Levels

It is anticipated that the maximum funding level for this 2013 call will be $50,000, and the project period of up to one year. 

Proposal Development

The proposal should be drafted using the Technology Maturation Proposal Questionnaire (TMPQ) for Technology Maturation Funding. Proposals that do not follow the TMPQ format will be rejected.  It is strongly recommended that you contact a member of OTCP before filling out the TMPQ.

  • Christine Brakel (631-344-7134): Biology, Medical, Chemistry and Sustainable Energy
  • Christine Brakel (631-344-7134) or Poornima Upadhya (631-344-4711): Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Condensed Matter Physics Instrumentation Division, Superconducting Magnet and Material Science;
  • Poornima Upadhya (631-344-4711): Photon Sciences Environmental Sciences, Physics, Collider Accelerator and Nonproliferation and Nuclear Science.

If you have general questions, contact Poornima Upadhya at 631-344-4711.

Download the TMPQ Form (.doc)


The completed TMPQ form can be submitted either as a hard copy or an electronic file to Cyrena Condemi.

Evaluation Criteria

The selection of proposals for funding will be based on IP assessment, market and business risk assessment and potential for technology transfer. Learn more about the evaluation criteria and the technology readiness levels definition.


The licensing team from the Office of Technology and Partnerships Office (OTCP) reviews the submitted proposals and selects projects for oral presentation before a review committee.  The PI’s will be notified about the preliminary selection. The PIs of the selected proposals need to prepare and give a brief oral presentation to the review committee. The review committee selects the projects to be recommended for funding and the amount of each award.  

Schedule at a Glance

Submission Deadline Monday, January 14, 2013
Notification to PI about preliminary selection Tuesday, January 22, 2013
PIs oral presentation to review committee Friday, February 1, 2013
Final award notification Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reporting Requirements

The PIs of funded projects will be expected to submit semi-annual reports.