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2018 Workshop on Tremendous Radio Arrays

Online registration is now closed. However, you may contact the event coordinator to see if you can register at the door on the day of the event.


Tremendous Radio Arrays will bring together the US and international communities interested in a large scale, dedicated, second generation 21-cm intensity mapping experiment. This workshop will provide an overview of the current state of the art and discuss the scientific drivers, technological challenges and programmatic issues that need to resolved before this experiment can become reality.

Workshop Organizers

  • Anže Slosar (BNL)
  • Laura Newburgh (Yale)
  • Paul O’Connor (BNL)
  • Chris Sheehy (BNL)
  • Paul Stankus (ORNL)

Evening Events

Registered participants are invited to attend the no-host dinner and tour.

Tuesday Night Dinner
Restaurant to be determined
July 31, 2018

BNL Tour
Participants will tour the following: BMX Radio Telescope on Monday, July 30, 2018. More...


Click on the "Workshop & BNL Information" tab above to find accommodation information.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Kevin Bandura
  • Adam Beardsley
  • Emanuele Castorina
  • Tzu-Ching Chiang
  • Larry D’Addario
  • Simon Foreman
  • Adrian Liu
  • Kiyoshu Masui
  • Raul Monsalve
  • Daan Meerburg
  • Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro
  • Jeff Peterson
  • Jonathan Pober
  • Alan Rogers
  • Ben Saliwanchik
  • Richard Shaw
  • Seth Siegel
  • Kendrick Smith
  • Albert Stebbins
  • Peter Timbie
  • Carlos Alexandre (Alex) Wuensche

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Last Modified: May 04, 2018