Financial Accounts

Instructions on how to open a financial (project) account at Brookhaven

Any ONE of the following items will establish an account at Brookhaven:

  1. A check or wire transfer for the total amount made out to Brookhaven National Laboratory.  See the Budget Office contact below for wire transfer details.  The return of any unused balance must be requested in writing; or
  2. An official Purchase Order from your organization (in US dollars) authorizing charges up to a maximum amount must be sent to the Budget Office.  You will be billed monthly for actual costs only; or
  3. An official letter signed by a person authorized to commit funds at the specified dollar amount.  Include complete "bill to" name and address; or

In all cases, the following information is required:

  • Purpose of the project (short description of work:  (e.g., NSLS general user, technical services of __________ to do __________, proprietary or non-proprietary beam time at the __________ facility).*cope of work)
  • Full name of principal investigator and other authorized users
  • The dollar amount
  • The expiration date of the order
  • The complete "bill to" address

Mail, e-mail, or FAX Orders to:

Ms. Georgia L. Irving
Budget Office - Building 460
Brookhaven National Laboratory

P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000


Phone:  631-344-7957

Fax:  631-344-3503

irving at

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