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Merit Award Recipients 2018

2018 Merit Award Winners

  • Jonah Bernhard: for his exceptional contributions to the data-driven determination of the properties of the Quark-Gluon Plasma by means of Bayesian techniques. (more text)
  • Cesar Luiz da Silva: for his intellectual leadership and exceptional contributions to the software, electronics and detector development, as well as key heavy flavor results with the PHENIX experiment. (more text)
  • James Drachenberg: for his contributions to the study and advancement of the field of spin physics through measurements with polarized protons at STAR and his invaluable leadership in the roles of STAR deputy spokesperson and PWG convener. (more text)
  • Rosalin Goss: for her important thesis research into proton and iron ion-induced chromosome aberrations and the implications for the long-term health of astronauts. (more text)
  • Takeshi Kanesue: for his indispensable contributions to enhance the performance of the EBIS pre-injector for successful operation for NSRL and RHIC. (more text)
  • Minjung Kim: for her indispensable contributions to the single spin asymmetry measurements in PHENIX, especially of very forward neutrons. (more text)
  • Xiaofeng Luo: for his seminal contributions to the beam energy scan program at RHIC via first measurements of higher moments of net proton distributions with the STAR experiment. (more text)
  • Takafumi Niida: for his indispensable contributions to the measurements of local and global polarization and for his measurements of directed flow with differential femtoscopic techniques in heavy ion collisions with the PHENIX and STAR experiments. (more text)
  • Matthew Sievert: for his important contributions to the physics of spin as probed at RHIC and future accelerators. (more text)
  • Isaac Upsal: for his indispensable contributions in the successful commissioning of the Event Plane Detector Upgrade for the STAR experiment and for his pioneering work which led to the first observation of global polarization in heavy ion collisions. (more text)
  • Haiwang Yu: for his outstanding contributions in extracting double-spin asymmetry in inclusive J/Psi production with the PHENIX experiment and software development for the sPHENIX experiment. (more text)

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