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Presentation Instructions

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Information for Presenters

Oral presentations:

The time periods alloted for talks vary with the particular session:
Opening and distinguished plenary session presentations are assigned 35 minutes with a further period of 10 minutes is available for questions and discussion.
Normal plenary session presentations are assigned 25 minutes with a further period of 5 minutes available for questions and discussion.
BNL day (Friday) user facility presentations are assigned 12 minutes.
Speakers are requested to plan their talk carefully to fit within these periods, so that we can keep the overall program on time.

Overhead transparency and LCD computer projectors will be available in all rooms during scheduled sessions for the duration of the workshop.  Please inform the workshop organizers in advance if the presentation requires special audio-visual needs (35-mm slides, TV projection, etc).
A dedicated laptop PC will be provided in the auditorium for shared use by all plenary session speakers.  All plenary session electronic presentations shall be mailed to yakimenko@bnl.gov between June 7 and June 14 in order to receive confirmation of file installation, compatibility, and proper display on the workshop laptop.  Presenters not able to send presentations in advance will be responsible for making their own arrangements with the organizers.  It is recommended that transparencies be brought to the workshop in addition to any electronic format.  Contact the session chair or workshop organizers for assistance.

In the event that a PRESENTATION CAN NOT BE GIVEN, please contact the Chair of Program Committee (ilan@bnl.gov) as soon as possible.

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Poster presentations:

The poster board presentations will be held in Ballroom A where boards will be enumerated corresponding to the assigned paper’s identification code.  All boards have the dimensions of 3 feet by 4 feet and are composed of cork.  Pins will be provided for attachment of posters to the boards.

Posters shall be pinned on the boards prior to the start of the poster session.  Presenter attendance is required during the entire poster session

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Information for Session Chairpersons

Session information:

Oral presentations will be given in both the plenary sessions and the working groups.  Working group leaders will be responsible for presiding over oral presentations in their groups.  Plenary sessions will have assigned chairpersons.

A plenary session will consist of 30 minute talks (25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions; chair should warn the speaker at 20 minutes) , except for the distinguished opening plenary session that will consist of 45 minute talks (35 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions; chair should warn the speaker at 30 minutes).

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Before the session:

Locate the speakers if possible, and find out if any change have been made regarding the presenter or the title of the paper.

Familiarize yourself with the speaker aids (projection equipment, pointers, microphones) and chair aids (clock). Notify the workshop organizers if a presenter requires special technical assistance.

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At the session:

Introduce yourself to the audience.  If possible and appropriate, make general remarks concerning the session.  Possible remarks may be the significance of the topics under consideration, new trends in the subject covered by the session, important breakthroughs (if any).

Introduce the speakers / talk subject to the audience, when possible providing background / framework for the speaker and subject.

In case there is a no-show of a speaker move on to the next speaker and allow more time for the speakers / question periods.

Inform the speaker of the time for first warning and time limit for the talk.

Set the timer for the appropriate times (first warning and total) depending on the type of talk (Invited or Contributed).

Monitor the speaker time and get the speaker to retire in time.  This is important as a courtesy to other speakers and to the audience.

At the end of the talk initiate a round of applause for the speaker.

If the schedule has been met, allow time for questions.  Ask the speaker to repeat the questions when the audience may not have clearly heard the question.

If there was a round of questions, at the end invite the audience to thank the speaker once again.

At the end of the session announce that it is closed.

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