Unique Tools for Energy Research:

Chemical Analysis of Nanostructures Using Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS)

May 21-23, 2012

Part of the 2012 Joint NSLS and CFN Users’ Meeting

Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973



Workshop description;  Workshop agenda;  Workshop poster


Phil Batson, Rutgers University

“Nanoscale Structural, Plasmonic and Electronic Behavior Using EELS and Aberration Corrected STEM”


Marek Malac, NINT, Canada

“Angle- and Spatially-Resolved EELS”


Matt Libera, Stevens Institute of Technology

“Spectroscopic Imaging of Radiation-Sensitive Soft Materials”


Huolin Xin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“Spatial Resolution, Artifacts, Contrast, Mechanisms and Strategies for Recording EELS Spectroscopic Images for Different Energy Regimes”


Nestor Zaluzec, Argonne National Laboratory

“Pushing the Limits of XEDS and EELS Spectroscopy in the Analytical Electron Microscope: Current Technology and Future Prospects”


Fred Cosandey, Rutgers University

“Valence and Chemical Determination of Li-Battery Using EELS”


Nan Jiang, Arizona State University

“EELS Studies of Materials for Solar Power and Solid-State Battery Applications”


Richard McLaughlin, Oxford Instruments

“Challenges and Considerations for EDS Analysis of Nanostructures”



Neil Rowlands, Oxford Instruments

“Factors Affecting Quantitative EDS Analysis in the TEM”


Feng Wang, Brookhaven National Laboratory

“TEM-EELS Studies of Electrode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries”



Dong Su, CFN

“Chemical Analysis of Interfaces in Functional Oxide Thin Films”

(Instrument: Hitachi HD 2700C STEM)


Neil Rowlands, Oxford Instruments; Lihua Zhang, CFN

“Getting the Best EDS Results from your Analytical TEM”

(Instrument: JEOL 2100F HRTEM)


Rosa Diaz Rivas, CFN

“Capabilities of Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy in Catalysis”

(Instrument: FEI Titan 80-300 Environmental TEM)


Richard McLaughlin, Oxford Instruments

“Optimizing your SEM and EDS System for Nanoanalysis”

(Instrument: JEOL 7600F HRSEM)


Simerjeet Gill, NSTD-BNL; Fernando Camino, CFN

“EDS Mapping of Materials with Different Composition (Phase Mapping)”

(Instrument: FEI Helios dual beam SEM/FIB)


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Please forward all questions about this workshop to: Fernando Camino.