HET/BNL Lunch Time Talk

"Natural Standard Model Alignment in the Two Higgs Doublet Model"

Presented by Bhupal Dev, Manchester

Friday, April 24, 2015, 12:00 pm — Building 510 Room 2-160

The current LHC Higgs data provide strong constraints on possible deviations of the couplings of the observed 125 GeV Higgs boson from the Standard Model (SM) expectations. Therefore, it now becomes compelling that any extended Higgs sector should comply with the so-called SM alignment limit. In the context of the Two Higgs Doublet Model (2HDM), this alignment is often associated with either decoupling of the heavy Higgs sector or accidental cancellations in the 2HDM potential. Here we present a new solution realizing natural alignment based on symmetries, without decoupling or fine-tuning. In particular, we show that in 2HDMs where both Higgs doublets acquire vacuum expectation values, there exist only three different symmetry realizations leading to natural alignment. We also discuss some interesting LHC phenomenology of the heavy Higgs sector in the alignment limit.

Hosted by: Amarjit Soni

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